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Scheelite was selectively floated from a low-grade calcitic run-of-mine ore (containing 0.28% WO3, 96.3% CaCO3 and 2.24% SiO2) with a 70.6% WO3 grade and

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A process for separating scheelite from gange wherein the ore is ground with 0.4 to 10 grams of alkali metal carbonate per kg. of ore, forming a pulp and removing sulfide minerals from pulp liquor. Carrying out froth floatation in the presence of paraffin oil, 0.1-0.4 gram of fatty acid per kg. of ore and 3.2-5.5 grams of sodium silicate per kg. of ore wherein the weight ratio of paraffin oil ...Cited by: 26

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Scheelite flotation. Schescheite CaWo4, containing 380.6% of Wo, was collected by fatty acid and its soap in flotation. Sodium carbonate is commonly used as pH regulator.When using fatty acid as collector, the optimum pH is 9~10.Inhibitors can be water glass, dextrin, starch and so on.Although scheelite is good in floatability, from the ...

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8/15/2021· When XG and NaOl were successively added into the scheelite pulp, the characteristic peaks derived from NaOl still existed at 2922 cm −1, 2852 cm −1 (Fig. 5c2) and 1581 cm −1 but no characteristic peaks of XG appeared on scheelite surface, confirming that the pre-addition of XG has little influences on the chemical adsorption of NaOl for the scheelite flotation.Author: Chunhui Zhong, Huihui Wang, Bo Feng, Bo Feng, Liangzhu Zhang, Yuangan Chen, Zhiyong Gao

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9/30/2020· Flotation tests on singular mineral (scheelite, calcite, and fluorite) were using Hallimond tubes with 300 mL of working volume under the following conditions: 0.5 g mineral sample (75 m–150 m), 50 g/ton AF65 as a frother, 1 10 3 M sodium oleate as a collector, 50 mL/min air injection rate,Author: Moon Young Jung, Jay Hyun Park, Kyoungkeun Yoo

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Keywords: scheelite, fluorite, calcite, regulator, flotation separation . INTRODUCTION . In scheelite flotation, gangue minerals such as Fluorite and Calcite have the same surfaceactive cation (Ca-2+ ) with scheelite minerals and strong binding capacity with the fatty acid collectors. So the flotability of scheelite

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Scheelite flotation product line is suitable for scheelite containing multi metals with complex structure. It can use gravity,magnetic,flotation separation. [email protected] 0086 15311826765. Language.

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The result demonstrated that fluorite was barely collected, the flotation recoveries of scheelite and calcite exhibit a similar tendency with changing pH, and high recovery of both the minerals can be achieved in pH 8–10.The highest recoveries of scheelite and calcite are 95.5% and 86.7% at pH = 9.0, respectively, and the difference between their recoveries is very small.Cited by: 3

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scheelite flotation Reagent concentration and pH are two main factors determining mineral recovery. In our opinion, particle size is also responsible for scheelite flotation. To support this hypothesis, we studied the effects of particle size and fine particle (<10 μm) percent on scheelite flotation recovery at pH 11.0 (Figs. 3 and 4).