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18/06/2020· Gravity belt thickening (GBT) increases the sludge solids concentration (i.e. thickens the sludge) by allowing the water (or filtrate) to drain from the sludge under gravity through a permeable medium (a moving belt) on which the sludge sits. There are two types of belt-based processes for increasing sludge solids concentration.

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28/06/2021· A video to demonstrate the workings of the Alfa Laval AS-H gravity belt thickener which can be used for municipal sludge, and industrial sludge that flocculates. Gravity belt thickener,

GBT – Gravity Belt Thickener

The Gravity Belt Thickener is used to thicken sludge prior to centrifuge or digestion processes. A mix of primary or secondary sludge can easily be thickened to +7% wt, pure secondary to over 5%. The GBT offers: • High unit capacity per floor space • Low residence time eliminates septicity and float scum • Superior thickening • Low maintenance and520KB

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A Gravity Belt Thickener employs gravity drainage through a filter belt to thicken polymer conditioned sludge prior to digestion, mechanical dewatering, or trucking to a land application site or disposal site. Dilute sludge (typically 0.5% to 1.0%) is introduced at the feed end of a horizontal filter belt.

GBT – Gravity Belt Thickener

tribution assembly, gravity deck, fil-trate collection pan and thickened cake discharge. Units are avail-able in width from 0.5 meter to 4 meter. The enclosed GBT can be provide with manual or automatic tensioning and track-ing depending on the owners preference. 4 5 GBT TM– Gravity Belt Thickener

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Gravity thickening is the process by which biosolids are condensed to produce a concentrated solids product and a relatively solids-free supernatant. The biosolids technology fact sheet for gravity thickening provides: Advantages and disadvantages of gravity thickening. You may need a PDF reader to view some of the files on this page.


No need of gravity thickening tank, sludge storage tank or D. A. F. unit (space savings) ; Dry solids concentration of the sludge, entering the belt press is stable (The gravity belt thickener regulates DS %) (optimisation of belt press performance) Sludge flow to the belt press is reduced by 4 to 10 times (space and money savings) ; use of a smaller belt press (space savings)

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Gravity Belt Thickener is intended for reducing sludge volume of biosolids and waste activated sludge. Also the thickener can be used as first stage of dewatering together with belt filter presses, filter presses, decanter centrifuges for those dehydrator productivity improvement by initial stage.

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Gravity Belt Thickener An HBT series thickener works with a gravity belt type thickening process in order to obtain a high solid content treatment effect. Polymer costs are reduced due to the lowered number of flocculants required than a rotary drum thickener, though this machine takes up a slightly larger floor space.

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29/03/2019· 17.3.5 Gravity Belt Thickener. The gravity belt thickener (GBT) uses a slow moving fabric belt to separate sludge solids and free water. Polymer is required to precondition the sludge and is prepared and aged in a small tank upstream of the thickening process.


Gravity belt filter W.A.S Usage is increasing. Good results obtained (3-6% solids ... A thickener operates pretty much like a settling tank. The feed enters from the middle, are ... The thickening process takes place in a settling tank with long-enough solids retention time.

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Thickening Products Including Gravity Belt Thickeners & Rotary Drum Thickeners. BDP Industries offers both Gravity Belt Thickeners and Rotary Drum Thickeners for your sludge thickening applications. Gravity Belt Thickener.

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PRODUCT CODE: U100GBT. Gravity belt thickeners are primarily used for sludge volume reduction prior to digestion, dewatering or disposal. They are a continuously operating machine which thickens sludge by gravity on a revolving porous filter belt. They generally produce a pumpable thickened sludge.

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An independent gravity zone has the same capability as a stand-alone gravity belt thickener and, therefore, has application on a dilute sludge where the suspended solids are less than 1.5%. Further, a Belt Filter Press may be designed as a combination thickening unit/dewatering unit.