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The Vaughan Chopper Pump

The Vaughan Chopper Pump is a centrifugal pump with the unique ability of chopping all incoming solids prior to pumping. This not only protects the pump from clogging, but also provides added benefit to downstream components, processes, and the environment.Performance CurvesYou are ready for real details. Below you will find performance curve information for theBrochures & Case StudiesBrochures Chopper Pump Brochure Triton Brochure Rotamix Brochure (updatedContact UsAt Vaughan, we are ready to assist you. We know that nearly every one of ourVaughan Chopper Pumps,Since 1960, Vaughan continues to offer chopper pumps, hydraulic mixing systems,Specification DetailsVaughan Specifications. From what the casing is made of to the details of construction,Portable Bypass TrailerVaughan Portable Bypass Trailer . The Vaughan Company offers a series ofSpecialty ProductsVaughan Portable Bypass Trailer . The Vaughan Company now offers a series ofConditioning PumpVaughan Conditioning Pump ™. The Vaughan Conditioning Pump ™ is a VaughanTritonTRITON OVERVIEW Versatile, Efficient, Reliable. Vaughan Company, with over 50Guaranteed Non-ClogCHOPPER PUMPS Wet Well Submersible Vertical Wet Well Recirculating Self-Priming查看更多内容选择时,新内容将添加到焦点当前区域上方仅显示来自 的搜索结果

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The Vaughan Vertical Recirculator Chopper Pump is the most popular for clarifier scum pits, allowing complete mixing of the pit to put floating solids back into suspension. For total automation, the recirculator valve can be motor operated with timers, allowing the pump to recirculate the pit for a pre-set amount of time prior to pumpout.

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With over 40 years of pump experience and in excess of 20,000 pump installations, Vaughan has proven technology in long term, low maintenance and the highest reliability of any chopper pump. The patented chopping action of the cupped-and-sharpened impeller blades chops and conditions all incoming solids, eliminating pump and piping plugging.

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CHOPPER PUMPS Wet Well Submersible Vertical Wet Well Recirculating Self-Priming Electric Submersible • Vaughan’s most popular sump pump • Reliable mechanical seal/oil bath design • Eliminates suction piping • Keeps motor and wiring out of the pit • Allows Wet Well and Submersible Pumps to be used for mixing and pumpout


SPECIFICATIONS 3”- 6” VERTICAL WET WELL CHOPPER PUMPS The Vendor shall furnish ___ vertical wet pit chopper pump(s) and all appurtenances as specified below. The pump(s) shall be specifically designed to pump waste solids at heavy consistencies. Materials shall be macerated and conditioned by the pump as an integral part of the pumping action.